Here is a replay of our info session:

I'm interested in being an Apprentice and want to get the ball rolling, where do I start? 

Our Interest List is step 1, it gets us your basic info and gets you in on our list for announcements and information. If you have filled this out before and get to the How It Works page and see it listed as Step 1 there you're already done with step 1, no need to fill it out a second time

I've filled out the Interest List, what now? 

On our How It Works page we have links to introductory courses you can start working through. These courses are both great learning opportunities we hope you take advantage of but are also an opportunity for you so demonstrate some of the work ethic and determination that we are looking for in our Apprenticeship candidates. We have a basic Introduction to HTML CSS and Javascript if you are a beginner and other courses that assume that basic knowledge as a prerequisite.  If you aren't sure about which course to start with we have a Pre-Assessment that you can take to get some feedback about where you should start. 

I put in my email to register for the site and never got the email? 

It has been our experience that in most cases the email was caught by your spam filter and/or sent to your junk folder, please start by checking there. You can also whitelist our outgoing address to help prevent that from happening in the first place. As a last resort by the time you're registering we hope you have also Signed up for Slack and joined our community of learners. This is a great place to request help, especially the #need-help channel. 

I am having a problem, where do I get help? 

Similar to the above question we hope that you have Signed up for Slack and joined our community of learners. This is the best place to ask for help and get assistance, especially the #need-help channel.  A proactive approach to getting help is not only the best way to make sure than you have been resourceful and have done everything within your capability but is also the quickest way for us to be able to help you. This means that when you have a question or need help that should include: 

• What is the situation,  page , course, or quiz or outside resource you're on?
• What do you think should be happening?
• What is happening? What behavior or event is occurring?
• What have you already tried? 

What are you looking for in an Apprentice? Do I fit the bill? 

There isn't an answer to this in terms of demographic, economic background, or level of previous experience. We are accepting all types of people from all types of situations with lots of previous experience or none. What we ARE looking for are people with grit. Grit is a catchall term for hard working, determined, resourceful, someone who is serious about their path and is actively working to make it a reality. We currently are limited in the number of Apprentices we can take on at any given time and are looking for people with grit as that collection of traits is what we know to be the difference in people who crush it and people who flounder. The best thing you can do is show grit, whether that is by getting into our courses and working every day to knock them out or by working on your own coding passion projects every day to grow as a developer. 

I see that you were previously a Bootcamp, I attended a different bootcamp, is that an advantage, a disadvantage, does it mean anything? 

It isn't necessarily an advantage or disadvantage. Similar to the above question we want people who have grit. If you have some experience that's great, it will help you get up to speed more quickly. We are however, more concerned with whether you will be hard working, determined, and resourceful than if you are already experienced. We have a curriculum in place to get people up to speed who aren't starting with experience and would rather have the grittiest, hardest-working person with no experience than a super experienced, lazy genius.

Are you really going to pay people to learn software development? 

Yes! We are very excited to be able to offer this opportunity to people looking to get into the software development industry. It is often an industry with a very real socio-economic barrier of entry. 4-year degrees are expensive and the time it takes to learn enough on your own with or without a bootcamp is substantial. Not everyone is in a situation in their life where they are able to invest that amount of time consistently enough to get up to speed and land a job. We want to make a new path to entering the workforce and offer an opportunity to people who are left out or blocked currently. Rather than get people white-collar jobs we want to make a new path into the industry for individuals, provide the industry with a new talent-pipeline, and create new-collar jobs