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Unity SpeedRun

Unity Speed Run: Getting Started with Unity

UnitySpeedRun Learn to Build your own world! Objectives Get up to speed with Unity  Lay the foundation for your Unity development journey with hands on projects. Earn your Unity Basics badge. Click “Getting Started with Unity” below and let’s get started!

DNC 200

DNC 200 Welcome to DNC200! Objectives List several reasons to use Interfaces Explain how to use property Accessors Describe Exception Handling Implement unit testing List several reasons why you would want to test your codePrerequisite Knowledge Knowledge of C# fundamentals. Basic understanding of Object Oriented Programming. Git and Version Control. Course Duration:40 hours

DNC 100 – Introduction to C# and .NET

DNC 100 Welcome to the fundamentals of C#!  Objectives List several advantages to using C#.  Create a Command Line / Console Application. Use basic C# syntax to control application flow. Explain the fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming (OOP). Describe inheritance and polymorphism.Prerequisite Knowledge List Element List Element Git and Version ControlIn the first week of …

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DNC 300

DNC 300 Welcome Back!  Let’s dive deeper into .Net Objectives Explain what the .Net Framework is. Create an API server using ASP.Net. Handle routing requests for resources. Deploy a server to the public internet. Describe how Authentication differs from Authorization.Prerequisite Knowledge Knowledge of C#. Knowledge of interfaces, property accessors and exception handling. Testing implementation and …

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REACT 200 – Routing and State Management in React Apps

REACT 200 Let’s take a deeper dive: React, State Management and Routing Objectives Deepen your understanding of ReactJS. Implement routing and state management using Redux and React-Router. Build more complex single page applications.Prerequisite Knowledge HTML and CSS. JavaScript – you should be comfortable building a website with vanilla JavaScript.  Git and Version Control. Understanding of …

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DB 200 – Introduction to NoSQL Database Systems

DB 200 Further your knowledge of databases Objectives Learn popular NoSQL systems and their feature sets. Gain an understanding of CAP theorem. Practice database development skills with NoSQL databases, including MongoDB and Redis. Prerequisite KnowledgeCommand Line BasicsData StructuresIf you are interested in relational databases, check out our course, DB100. Course Duration:40 hours Let’s get started!

ALG 100 – Introduction to Algorithms (JavaScript)

Alg 100 Welcome! Ready to tackle some algorithms? Objectives Gain an understanding of how different data structures work.  Learn to analyze the best algorithmic solution to employ by using the Big O Notation.   Gain an understanding of recursion and sorting algorithms. Prerequisite Knowledge JavaScript Duration:40 hours Let’s get started!

ALG 200 – Introduction to Algorithms (C#)

ALG 200 Welcome to ALG 200! Objectives Get an introduction to Data Structures Get an introduction to Sorting AlgorithmsPrerequisite Knowledge Familiarity with C# Let’s get started! Course Duration: 40 hours

DB 100 – Introduction to Relational Database Systems

DB 100 Welcome! Ready to build your knowledge on how to create and import Databases? Objectives Gain an understanding of the fundamentals on how to build MySQL databases. Begin to understand the fundamentals in relational databases Learn how to manipulate data Prerequisite Knowledge Command Line Basics Data Structures Course Duration:15 hours Let’s get started!

REACT 100 – Introduction to React

react 100 New Library, New Syntax: The Next Level of UI Development Objectives Become comfortable with a more modern JavaScript syntax, ES6+. Understand Model-View-Controller architecture. Familiarize yourself with the popular Front End library ReactJS. Build more advanced websites. Prerequisite Knowledge HTML and CSS JavaScript – you should be comfortable building a website with vanilla JavaScript. …

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Welcome to the SDCS Apprenticeship Pre-assessment.This is an assessment meant to help guide you into which of our courses you’re ready for. It’s made up a questions about HTML, CSS and Javascript to assess if you could benefit from our Intro to HTML CSS and Javascript course or whether you are up on those basics …

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