Mike Roberts


Mike is the Founder of San Diego Code School. He has worn many hats from Software Engineer to CEO. He is a Board Member of San Diego JavaScript Community. Mike is a Fullstack JavaScript practitioner with more than 30 years experience coding. He has helped launch more than 100 student careers and has grads working at IBM/RedHat, Apple, WalmartLabs, Sony, AWS, and many more amazing tech companies.

Wesley Bosse


Throughout more than a decade of coding, Wesley has worked as a Software Developer, DevOps Engineer, and most recently, as a Data Scientist. He has had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects from maintaining Taylor Swift's online merchandise shop to performing text analysis of popular gaming forums. As an instructor, he has helped bootcamp graduates secure positions at companies like IBM, Amazon, Fox Networks, and more. If you are ready to make the leap into software development, Wesley is here to support you in that journey!